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   Ltd. “A vide” is a private design company that was founded in 2001. 

   Company has rights to perform the following: 

           architectural planning;

           water supply and drainage design;

           design of telecommunication systems and networks;

           road design, realization and supervision of constructive works.

   There are 18 employees in the company, including civil engineers, programmers, experts of telecommunications, water supply and drainage design. The computerized medium AutoCAD, which is being used for designing estimates and graphical support, enables to create a flexible, operative correction mechanism. All the employees have mastered the principles and methods of computerized designing. Employees of the company have certificates of building practice and professional conformity in a matter of development of lines of communication. Ltd. “A vide” also performs geotechnical trial works in the whole national territory – both in supervision of autoroads, streets etc. and in consulting questions related with road design. The returns of the company were exceeding 600 000 Ls during the last three years.


   We offer the following services:

        design of autoroads, streets, parking areas and the related utilities and buildings

        engineering and geological investigations, investigations of foundation pits and development planning

        topographical survey

        culverts design

        marking off building site with electronic tachometers (digital theodolite)

        consultancy services

        copying, also large format

        cable television network design

        data transmission (Ethernet) network design

        design of overhead wires and underground communication lines

        design of public telephone network

        design of interphone network

        fire alarm design

        guard alarm design

        television surveillance system design

        playback system design

        access control system design

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